SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS = sustainable

With moves for contractors to be carbon neutral, meet Net Zero targets and reduce both energy and emissions, sustainable methods of construction are so important.

SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS provide a sustainable long-lasting solution, securing highway ironworks to last – in the following safe, efficient, and secure ways…

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1. SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS support sustainable travel

At a time when authorities are being encouraged to focus on sustainable travel improvements to encourage cycling and walking for health and environmental benefit, it is important to ensure that footway, cycleway and highway ironworks are level to prevent hazards for pedestrians and cyclists. SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS are fitted with millimetre precision to ensure that ironworks are kept secure without movement. One of the biggest hazards for cyclists are broken or uneven drainage channels at the side of the road – keep them secure by using SHIMPAC® products.

2. SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS can handle the weight of heavy traffic

With ever-increasing vehicle movements and more occurrences of congestion at peak travel times in our towns and cities, plus larger and heavier lorries on our UK roads from 2022, highway ironworks need to be stronger than ever to manage the weight of heavier loads. The SHIMPAC® product range has been engineered to last, able to withstand huge loads of 120 tonnes (so can be used for rail and airport ironworks too).

3. SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS last, whatever the weather…

The effect of global warming means excessively high temperatures, flash-flooding, prolonged periods of cold and/or icy conditions, our highways need to withstand the ravages of UK weather. SHIMPAC® products will not deteriorate in extreme conditions, staying strong and secure in the even the most testing wet, cold or dry weather conditions.

4. SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS are a sustainable installation

Contractors currently using SHIMPAC® roadshims advise that it is a better way to work, offering quicker installation, less hand/arm vibration or heavy manual handling (as the roadshims are easier than cutting bricks to size) with no specialist tools required. Plus, there is no wastage as any remaining ‘cut offs’ can be used as the base layer for other locations requiring ironwork seating, reducing waste by re-use.

To find out more about SHIMPAC® Systems and its full product range for all types and size of ironwork visit: Shimpac product range

Alternatively contact Barry Andrews, Manager at SHIMPAC® Systems on 07808 646299 or e-mail:


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