England’s Economic Heartland event supported by SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS

Peter Rieck and Barry Andrews were pleased to support the East of England Heartland (EEH) at an event held at Silverstone in October 2021.  

Map of England’s Economic Heartland (EEH) area and the counties involved

The EEH is one of seven sub-national transport bodies for England (outside of London). The focus of this group is to bring together political and business leaders from these neighbouring regions in the heart of England to realise the areas economic potential with net-zero and carbon reduction in mind.

Barry Andrews, Manager at SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS said of the event: “It was really interesting to network with others interested in development of the Heartland area of the UK, which covers the heart of England, with Bedford at the centre extending from Peterborough and Cambridge to the north-west as far as Oxford and Swindon to the south-east.”

He added: “Topics discussed included the East to West rail link and strategic highway improvements with sustainability at the forefront of our thinking, something that SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS supports in our products that seat ironworks to last, without costing ongoing maintenance.”

As a specially engineered solution to seat and level highway and other ironworks more effectively than cutting down heavy bricks, our layered system provides a strong and durable solution that can be installed quickly and easily, is designed to last, can carry the ever-increasing weight of traffic and withstand all manner of weather conditions.

With the highest safety accreditations, SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS fully supports and exemplifies sustainability and the sterling work of England’s Economic Heartland in this area, led by Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire Council leaders.

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