New website and films launch for SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS

SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS – the foremost solution for seating and levelling ironworks – has a fantastic new website launching two new high-quality films as part of exciting developments to showcase new product lines. 


The new website – – profiles SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS’ multiple products ranges dedicated to building up and supporting ironwork level with any surrounding surface. In addition to its most popular product ROADSHIMS® the website holds full information about its Gully Collars TM for roadside drainage, Utility Collars TM for surface boxes, Toby Bungs TM or Temporary Safety Covers TM, Adapter-Reducers TM and Control Box Seating Systems. The website also includes a page on its Specialist Product services for on request design and manufacture of products for bespoke purposes.


ROADSHIMS® were first developed in the 1980’s, but since that time SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS have gone from strength to strength, creating new product lines to meet demand, becoming a must use seating system amongst many specifiers and users. Today, there are seven major ranges of products and services which are featured on the new website.


In an easy-to-understand example, the first film on the website highlights the cause behind defective ironwork installation and how SHIMPAC® products can help cut the future need for maintenance interventions.


Film two concentrates on the most popular products and their applications. This film shows a selection of the major industry sectors where SHIMPAC® products are best used, such as highways, housing development and construction, utility companies, water management, communications, gas and power, through to airports, ports railways.


Barry Andrews, Manager at SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS said: “We are delighted with how the new website looks and feels, it is easy to navigate with films that complement our products. Most who use our products have total belief in them and what they can do. From experience, we know that there is great potential for widespread use of SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS as responsible highway authorities, housing developers and utility companies strive to deliver the best quality first time to reduce the unnecessary additional cost and inconvenience of remedial works.”


He added: “My aim is to make sure there is the widest possible understanding of what SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS’ seating and levelling products can do across a wide range of industry sectors to improve budgets, reduce costs, increase safety and lower the need for remedial work. Our new website, introductory films and social media presence provide the fresh, modern and fitting showcase that our products deserve, as industry standards for the installation of all ironwork. Do get in touch with me directly to find out more about us and how SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS can solve your ironwork and related installation problems.”


Contact Barry Andrews, SHIMPAC® Systems Manager on 07808 646299 or email:


Notes to editors:


SHIMPAC® Systems provide a stable and durable base for ironworks. Quick and easy to install with various lengths, widths and thicknesses available, allowing the contractor to build up chambers to seat ironwork to exactly level with any surface with millimetre accuracy.


SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS are sustainable and fully recyclable. Designed and industry approved for use on all types of highway, pavement verge or other locations, versatile SHIMPAC® products also withstand extreme loads in port, airport and rail locations. Developed by Britishengineers, SHIMPAC® SYSTEMS are approved for long- term use in many industries.